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We are a registered non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.

Your donation supports Babyphoria's life saving work, including the reduction of child mortality rates in underserved communities in Sierra Leone.


Baby Kit


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The baby kit provides the basic needs for infants which can be life saving, When newborns are delivered, the health posts do not have the resources to provide a blanket for the baby. Sometimes, babies are wrapped in blankets too thick causing them to sweat. This can be lead to dehydration when the temperature is extremely warm. Without a blanket a baby can suffer from hypothermia. Another essential baby item is the baby thermometer because the body temperature is a sign of infection or virus and caretakers need to know when they should take their baby for medical attention.


To provide 300 baby kits. We are asking for your support to provide 300 baby kits @ $20 each. We can't assemble and ship life-saving birthing kits without sponsorship.

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Life skills training


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There is a strong correlation between poverty and a high maternal and child health. Addressing poverty issues will reduce the risk of maternal and child mortality. Breaking the poverty cycle begins by improving the employability and skills of mothers. $100 will support training 10 women to learn basket weaving, sewing, cooking/catering or hairdressing. When mothers are able to increase their earning power, they are more equipped to take better care of themselves and their infants.


Economic empowerment and development for every women who gives birth is the goal. 

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Maternal and Baby Kits


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The combo maternal and baby kit provides the basic needs for pregnant women and infants which.  The maternal kits includes a bar of soap, a plastic sheet to deliver on, a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord, clean string for tying the umbilical cord, gloves and a pictorial instruction sheet that illustrates the sequence of delivery events and proper hand-washing. Essential baby items include a baby thermometer, baby clothes, and a baby blanket. These essential items are critical to prevent infections, viruses and even loss of life. Both kits together will support labor and delivery, providing basic care for women and infants in vulnerable, hard to reach areas. 


To provide 200 maternal/baby kits. We are asking for your support to provide 200 baby kits @ $20 each.


Mommy and Me Training Programme


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This includes space, training material, Instructor ( Doctor or Nurse) and misc. expenses. The cost of one course is $400.

The parent education initiative is our signature programme. It provides essential health information to mother and care takers. The mothers learn the benefits of breast feeding for the first six months of babies life. One of the highest causes of infect morality is drinking contaminated water, so avoiding giving infants water and only breast feed them will boost their immune system but also prevents illness associated with contaminated water. Mother will also learn about nutration, child developement, child illness including maleria and chloria.


To hold monthly parent education training with 12 cohorts of 50 participants serving 600 mothers annually.

The organization structure is made up of professional volunteers so your support will be 100 directed towards programs to give maximum impact to the women and infants we serve.


Contribution to the health fair would help outreach to communities providing lifesaving information to those most in need.

"The organization structure is made up of professional volunteers so your support will be 100% directed towards programs to give maximum impact to women and infants we serve."

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